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      1. 產品展示


        歐標電接觸式雙金屬溫度計T531(H), T532(H/L), T533(L), T534(H/HH), T535(L/LL), T536(H/L)

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        歐標電接觸式雙金屬溫度計T531(H), T532(H/L), T533(L), T534(H/HH), T535(L/LL), T536(H/L)







        Service intended

        Contact type temperature gauge is installed with electric contact actuated by pointer. It provides the function which electrical circuit can be opened or closed by manual set point. It is applicable where signal is required (Audible or visual alarm) for control of resistance or any other application with auxiliary relay and contact.

        Nominal diameter 100 mm
        Accuracy ±2.0 % of full scale
        Temperature element Coiled bimetal
        Working range Maximum scale value
        Standard features
        Location of stem Bottom connection, surface, case mounting
        Case 304SS
        Cover 304SS
        Bayonet type
        Window Safety glass Polycarbonate
        Dial White aluminium with black graduations
        Contacts Maximum voltage : 250 V AC
        Contact rating : AC 220 V, 0.25 A
                               DC 100 V, 0.5 A
        With max. no of contact : 2 sets per gauge
        Pointer Black painted aluminium alloy
        Stem out diameter 6.0, 6.4, 8.0 and 10.0 mm diameter
        304SS, 316SS and 316L SS
        Max. Insertion length : 2,000 mm
        Stem, process connection ?", ½", ¾" PT or NPT G1/2B, G3/4B
        Option Special accuracy, ±1.0 % of full scale