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      1. 產品展示



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        Service intended

        P542 and P543 series are designed for a local reading of measured pressure and equipped with the electrical contact block which allows all the combinations of contacts to be used. The contact block is mounted on the dial. The window is fitted with a knob for external adjustment of the set points. These are also designed to direct the leakage of insulating oil inside the electric cable.

        Nominal diameter 100 and 150 mm
        Accuracy ±1.0 % of full scale
        Scale range (MPa, kPa, bar) -0.1 ~ 0.6 MPa to -0.1 ~ 1 MPa
        -0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa
        Working pressure Steady : 75 % of full scale value
        Over range protection : 130% of full scale
        Working temperature Ambient : -40 ~ 65 °C
        Fluid : Max. 100 °C
        Degree of protection EN60529/IEC529/IP67
        Temperature effect Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20 ℃) will be effected by approximately
        ±0.4 % per 10 ℃ of full scale

        Standard features

        Pressure connection Stainless steel (316SS) Threaded entry, radial
        Element Stainless steel (316SS) C type bourdon tube
        Case Nickel plated zinc for 100 mm (P542)
        Triple setpoint only 316SS 100 and 150 mm (P543)
        Cover Nickel plated zinc for 100 mm
        Triple setpoint only 316SS 150 mm (P543)
        Window Safety glass
        Movement Stainless steel
        Dial White aluminium with black graduations
        Pointer BsT3 alloy, black painted pointer with gold plated
        Contact Contact : Dual set point or triple set point
        Contact rating : AC 110 V, 0.5 A/AC 220 V, 0.25 A
        Dielectric strength : AC 2,000 V/min insulation
        Insulation resistance : More than 100 MΩ at DC 500 V
        Process connection ?" PF