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        Service intended

        P770 series are equipped with the specially designed dry type diaphragm. This special diaphragm offers a unique capability to use with all types of liquids, high-viscosity fluids, solids, and even corrosive chemicals. P770 is a perfect solution for a wide range of process industry such as Petro-chemical, environmental technology, offshore, mechanical engineering, power stations, and plant construction.

        Nominal diameter 100 and 160 mm
        Accuracy ±1.6% of full scale
        Scale range 0 ~ 1 kPa to 0 ~ 40 kPa (Flange 150 mm)
        0 ~ 50 kPa to 0 ~ 2.5 MPa (Flange 100 mm)
        Working pressure Steady : Full scale value
        Fluctuating : 90 % of full scale value
        Over range protection Overpressure safety 130 % of full scale value
        Overpressure safety 500 % of full scale value, Max. 5 MPa (Option)
        Opton : Overpressure safety 500 % of full scale value, Max. 5 MPa
        Working temperature Ambient : -20 ~ 65 °C
        Fluid : Max. 100 °C
        Temperature effect Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20 ℃) will be effected by approximately
        ±0.8 % per 10 ℃ of full scale

        Standard features

        Upper flange (Gauge side) Material : Stainless steel (304SS, 316SS)
        Diaphragm material ≤ 40 kPa : Stainless steel (316Ti SS)
        > 40 kPa : Duratherm 600
        Pressure connection and under flange Material : Stainless steel
        (316SS, 316L SS, 304SS, 304L SS) and others
        Lower screw and flange mount
        Case Stainless steel (304SS)
        Cover Stainless steel (304SS) Bayonet type
        Window Safety glass
        Movement Stainless steel
        Dial White aluminium with black graduations
        Pointer Black painted aluminium alloy
        Option External zero adjustable
        Certificates ATEX Ex II GD c IIC TX