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        Service intended

        P790 series diaphragm seal are suitable for conditions where the process medium can cause corrosion to the instrument connection and the pressure sensing element, which the process medium contains suspended solid particles are viscous and be clossed. It is also suitable for where the process medium can freeze or solidify the internal parts of the instrument and where the medium requires flushing from the system to prevent contamination.

        Design Instrument welded diaphragm with threaded process connection, require hydraulic fluid to transmitter pressure to instrument.
        Filling liquid Silicone oil
        Working temperature Ambient : -20 ~ 65 °C
        Fluid : Refer to filling liquid reference table
        Diaphragm material Diaphragms are available in many corrosion resistant materials. Compatibility of selected material and process fluid should be determined by the user
        Temperature effect Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20 ℃) will be effected by approximately
        ±0.5 % per 10 ℃ of full scale

        Standard features

        Upper flange (Gauge side) Stainless steel (304, 316), Titanium, Monel
        Diaphragm material Stainless steel(316L) Hastelloy C-276, Titanium, Tantalum, Monel
        Pressure connection Thread type : PT, PF, and NPT others feasible
        Flange type : ANSI(ASME), JIS or other standard
        Capillary Capillary : Ø3.0 mm, 316L
        Flexible tube : Ø7.5 mm, 304, PVC coated
        Note PTFE lining is available up to 7 MPa (Coating)